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Digital Artist & Creative Dreamer

Artist Guglielmo Ceparano (Aka Woosketch) has drawn since he was a child and began painting digitally as a teenager.

After a career as a Multimedia Designer for an important IT company, he chose to focus on his artistic journey fulltime.
During this period he had the chance to master digital illustration and to collaborate for book covers, board games and indie videogames.

He mainly works on character design in a dark fantasy style, from synthetic and abstract shapes to realistic and detailed ones.

In his illustrations, he often focuses on themes linked to courage, mystery and the discovery of one's own identity, often inspired by horror and noir stories.

"I like to go beyond the aesthetic form and explore and build a credible context in which to make my characters live, creating objects and creatures belonging to the world they live in."

Made in Turin, Italy in 1997.

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